Machine vision systems use computers and digital imaging technology to perform visual tasks such as inspection, measurement, quality assurance and control of visual quality parameters. Traditionally, these tasks were performed by trained persons. However, human inspectors suffer fatigue and their assessments are variable depending upon environmental factors. Machine vision systems provide consistent performance and objective standards.

The design of a machine vision solution is highly dependent upon the task to be performed. The choice of camera (resolution, line scan or area scan, color or monochrome), the selection and arrangement of lighting and the construction of the systems are often just as important factors as the choice of image processing and computer vision algorithms. All these factors are best decided by a consultant working closely with the industry that will be using the system.

As the machine vision industry becomes more mature, systems are emerging that can handle a variety of tasks. At this time, however, most systems have to be tailored to the task to be performed. This requires expertise in image processing and computer vision techniques, as well as an understanding of the task to be performed. Vizzitec Solutions can provide the expertise to develop a machine vision solution for your need.

Machine vision can be implemented to automate the inspection and control the various types of processes in the industry. Every solution of Vizzitec Solutions is customized, designed and developed according to the clients requirement .Many of these applications are also referred to as Automated Optical Inspection (AOI). Vizzitec Solutions machine vision technology is designed and built to suit a wide range of applications.

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