Vizzitec Solutions Private Limited – Germane Innovation means “A place for Appropriate Innovation”. We are a Vision Inspection Solution provider specialized in delivering quality control automation solutions using cameras and software.

We conceive using the latest technology of digital age and information technology which makes the process more comfortable to handle and robust. In the abrasive world of automation only speed, reliability and toughness count. It is necessary to find effective solutions quickly and put them into action.

Image processing or Machine Vision is used in many different application areas - such as industrial automation, bottling industry, FMCG, printing industry, security, smart manufacturing systems, traffic technology and medical imaging - as a powerful and cost effective way of implementing automatic quality assurance.

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SINCE 2006


Vizzitec Solutions works under the motto Better Innovations Better Solutions. We believe that the more we innovate, the simpler the solutions. This motto motivates us and drives us towards more innovative solutions.


We pledge to deliver the best possible solution through continuous improvement and get accepted by our clients as their Most Effective Solution Provider driven by innovation and teamwork. In this process all Vizzitec Solutions team members achieve a sense of purpose and accomplishment.


To exhibit Integrity in all our activities.
To Deliver More – forever!
To inculcate an Attitude of Excellence
To preserve Commitment


Vizzitec Solutions follows high human value system where every one is respected and treated equally amid their race, religion and any other similar difference. We ensure that the equal opportunity exist at our organization when people with similar abilities reach similar results after doing a similar amount of work. Indeed, equal opportunity and equality of outcome are often seen as complimentary. Read More


The company focuses on the machine vision technology in the quality process automation arena for industries. The unique approach of combining both product based and customized development ensures that entire requirements are fulfilled. The solutions offered by Vizzitec Solutions are simple and innovative.

We concentrate on delivering solutions in the areas where the solutions are rare to find and make customer life very easy. The value addition is measured in the terms of ROI for the customer and quality of the offering.

  • Providing technical solutions for the quality process automation using latest automation techniques combined with machine vision, laser based measurement, various sensor based instrumentation and consultancy for all the above.
  • Providing digitizing services for our clients on continuous basis using latest imaging technologies.
  • Providing embedded development solutions including product development.
  • Providing solutions for the common society such as development of products for the old age, development of systems for road safety, development of solutions for the anti-white color crime and support for the existing solutions based on IT.
  • Providing timely delivery, quality , high rate of accuracy , efficiency of work and customer satisfaction.